Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Pangnirtung is a traditional Inuit community located 40 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle on Baffin Island (100 kilometers from Iqaluit), and is home to approximately 1500 people. While Inuktitut is the primary language used in Pangnirtung, English is also spoken by most members of the community and is used when dealing with government entities. The community has excellent facilities, which include an adult education centre, a cultural centre, an arts co-op, a health centre, and two schools. The area is a stunning and vibrant example of Arctic ecology, with a glacial mountain fjord complex that is one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. A national park, Auyuittuq, is situated at the north end of the Pangnirtung Fjord. For a video introduction to Pang, check out the following by Ian Mauro and IsumaTV

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